Stop Truckers from Falling Asleep

If you are in the transportation industry as a commercial driver, surely you have heard the horror stories of drivers falling asleep behind the wheel. Perhaps you even know someone personally who has dealt with this. It is tough out there on the road with the droning, hypnotic highways before you. Sometimes it is hard to stay awake but that is normal. Medical conditions can contribute to the problem.

dot medical certification

As it turns out, the condition of sleep apnea affects many commercial drivers. The problem with deep snoring is that a person will stop breathing for periods of time during sleep and this deprives the brain of oxygen. This causes drowsiness and sleeping spontaneously during the day. You would be able to tell if a driver has this problem if you train for a dot medical certification.

The certification allows you to take a position with the Department of Transportation as a medical examiner. You will not be anything close to a doctor but you can perform basic physical exams with questions to be able to determine if the driver is suffering from any issues which would affect their driving. Granted, there are other things that could affect their driving and you would recognize those too.

When you have this certification, you will be standing in a position to help the industry from a different angle. By keeping roads and transportation routes safer, the whole commercial trucking industry is benefited. The reality is that drivers want to be their best and you will be helping. When conditions are recognized, they are treatable and treatment allows the drivers to lead healthier lives.

Put your passion on the road in a different way. Many aspects of safe driving are involved. When this is understood, more drivers can pursue their passion to drive and earn good livings.